Created by Carolin Peinecke


Be it as a headline in Focus, Spiegel or Stern or in talk shows on all channels – burnout is a subject that touches us all.

Our team is confronted more and more with the questions: What do I do when I feel things are getting on top of me? How do I look after the employees I am responsible for? What responsibility do we have as a company? However, is this phenomenon a new thing? Are we all in danger of experiencing burnout in our society? Should companies change the way they function completely? Draw up new values? Change structures? Movendo Consulting approaches these questions from three directions

  • Coaching: How can we help managers to protect themselves from overload?
  • Training: What responsibility do managers have in the field of tension between encouraging performance and preventing overload?
  • Organisational development: What can a company do, and what should a company do to maintain its performance capability?

The answer may sound paradoxical and is therefore difficult to achieve: leadership should always be performance-focused but at the same time appreciative. Employees should be given a framework within which they can make a contribution in a way that is realistic and which they themselves largely determine. Most companies have already encompassed this in a company mission statement or in management principles. But how does it work in practice? Do managers have appropriate training? Do internal systems and structures support this approach or are they counter-productive?

We help companies with our systemic consulting programme at all three levels:

By means of coaching and training in stress management – either at an individual preventative level or as direct help in the case of overload.

By creating a systemic leadership development program concentrating on developing and maintaining performance as well as dealing with illness and overload so that managerial staff can react in a competent and responsible way.

By accompanying the continuous development of a company culture that changes more than just the words in a mission statement.

We are delighted that since the beginning of 2013 we have been able to welcome Susanne Stock into our team as another expert in this field.