Created by Carolin Peinecke

Digital Leadership – is everything different?

The future is digital. So leadership is digital, right? But what is really the difference that makes the difference? And do we all have to become Digital Heroes now?

The buzzword jungle has new growth. Digital Leadership, Leadership 4.0, Agile Leadership and Co offer exciting new approaches. Not to forget all offers surrounding New Work, Generation Z and Workplace Culture. We could continue the bingo game indefinitely.

Why doesn’t Movendo offer training on Digital Leadership?
Digitalization is an important challenge, but just one. Things that are associated with digitization are crucial to leadership. A world in which things are evolving faster, where information is accessible to all, truths are outdated as soon as they are expressed, value constructs and communities are challenged, priorities do not even survive a day, leadership has an essential role to play , However, it does not make it DIGITAL, on the contrary - it becomes more humane, more facilitative, more transparent and more flexible. It also becomes detached from the person of the manager and is a function that can be filled by many people and move between different people. That depends on the organisational form.

We call these more pointed, new demands on leadership: Relational Leadership. 
Accordingly, in our leadership development programmes we basically work on strengthening the following skills: facilitation, coaching, structural design, cultural design. What exactly is Movendo's answer? Our answer is our ‘ODYSSEY’ approach . For us an odyssey is a long journey with unknown destination, with many obstacles, with some difficulties and challenges, something complex. That is why we offer a recurring theme in our program, in which managers and other people with leadership responsibilities can shape their journey, as a competent navigator, as a flexible manager, as a facilitator for responsible people acting in self-reliant way.



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