Created by Juliane Wiktorin

#favouritemodels No.20 - House of Change - Renewal

Finally, having gone through the "Room of Confusion", people emotionally reach the "Room of Renewal".

Now there is finally clarity regarding the new situation and people have gained confidence in dealing with the new processes and behaviors. The mood among each other is energetic in a positive sense.

Achieving this state is a pleasant experience for employees and teams and generates emotions such as relief, pride and willingness to perform, which are expressed in a strong will to create. Now it is possible to fill the desired change with life! Typically, expressions can be heard in the room of renewal such as:

  • Now I understand!
  • That was hard, but we are on a good path.
  • Let's make it happen!
  • This is better than expected.
  • We can still get better.

We encounter employees who take responsibility and are prepared to take calculated risks. Their actions are characterized by enthusiasm, flexibility and creativity. People communicate more with each other, listen, delegate and set new goals.

How does this #favouritemodel help you?

Use the positive atmosphere in the room of renewal to learn from your experiences together with your co-workers. Reflect together on what has helped you to cope with this change and in this way arm yourselves for future new developments. Because nowadays, this is for certain: the next change will probably come up soon.

In this phase, you can also make your team more aware of the need for regular reflection and continuous learning. Possibilities are offered here for example by

  • Rotating activities or job shadowing.
  • Conscious experiments to work on problems where mistakes and failures are explicitly used in order to learn from them instead of " penalizing" them.
  • Using creative methods to think outside the box.


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