Created by Carolin Peinecke

Of tolerance and bridges

New Work brings so many great ideas along with it! However, many people are sceptical about this. Rightly so.

So many companies are breaking old patterns that we thought would never change. It’s a disruption that promises so much good. Yet, it is still a bubble that this movement is taking place in, leaving many companies and so many areas of our society untouched. There are so many people who are sceptical about this. Rightly so. According to the ECJ in May, it has become clear that employers will be required to record working hours in the future. Too great is the concern - and unfortunately also the experience - that the highly praised trust working time can lead to overload, overstrain and even exploitation. The outcry from the New Work bubble was correspondingly large. Everything that had taken so much hard work to achieve had become invalid. The ECJ did not understand what was important in a self-reliant society. We see things differently. Only because an (elitist?) circle of working rebels, VUCA rockers, agilists and so on feel comfortable in this world, it does not mean that everyone will soon feel comfortable in it. On the contrary:

Studies show that current students tend to look for security and stability.
The state is becoming increasingly popular as an employer. Are we dealing with a generation that no longer appreciates the freedoms of our society? What we need are tolerance and bridges. We have to make sure that we do not run far ahead and then shout at a distance that this is the Promised Land. We need to reach out to people, listen to them, take their fears, worries and concerns seriously, and give them the opportunity to open up new paths, step by step. "Flipping" is a new magic word. From now on, consistently change something. That's right, good and promising and at the same time not the right way for everyone. Because the more we make people feel that they are not right, that they do not yet understand, that they have the wrong attitude, the more we risk them taking backwards steps rather than towards each other. That's why it's important to build bridges in every Movendo project, every encounter. Not to ‘pick people up’, but to accompany them on their way, at shoulder level and at eye level. Because every human being deserves that. 



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