Created by Carolin Peinecke

The Movendo Principles or why we don’t need rules

As we grew bigger and bigger, we wondered if we needed another level of leadership and how we would handle it all. How do we as founders and owners avoid becoming a bottleneck? The answer soon became clear - with principles and without rules.

Which new idea is the best? When are you allowed to do something? Who actually takes decisions here and why? Even a rather small company like Movendo suffocates in thousands of detailed issues, needs a process manual and detailed induction plans. That's what you might think. We do not know if it has always been laziness or a lack of will to tell others how and what to think. We, as founders, were never quite able to accept the idea that we should "have the last word" or "draw up rules".

Again and again we caught ourselves explaining the why behind a decision, the context. 
It quickly became clear to us that we don’t want to set any rules, we want shared principles at Movendo that act as a guide for everyone’s actions. It also became clear to us that we did not want an ‘either-or’ but a ‘both-and’. Because that's exactly how we see the world. Not black and white (ok, maybe a bit black and yellow, at least for one of us), not right and wrong. From this thinking, the principles have evolved by which we measure all our decisions, each one of us, always.

Movendo principles

We want to continuously grow our business in a healthy and balanced way.

We always go down new paths and at the same time build bridges
so that nobody gets left behind

We take care of people and like to earn money.

We are aware of our strengths but still remain approachable.

We are steadily increasing our revenue with a balanced client portfolio 
while ensuring stable internal processes

We are constantly developing new services and products and continuously 
improving the quality of our ongoing projects.

We have a clear message and concrete expertise and we constantly question ourselves.

We stay up to date and set new trends and never tune in to Buzzword bingo.

We are consistently client-focused and always have our own opinion.







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