Created by Carolin Peinecke

Trust – how far do we really want to go?

Trust has always been an essential foundation of cooperation for us. See for yourself how we have consistently anchored this foundation in our organisation. And how easy it feels!

Most people would probably name ‘trust’ as a particularly important value. We all want to operate in a trusting environment. We want to be trusted. We want to be able to trust the people around us. We at Movendo have also repeatedly explained to each other how important trust is to us. Until we realized the number of areas in our work where we cover ourselves. Employment contracts, cooperation agreements, leave requests, timesheets – we do lots of controlling and documenting. Who forces us to control and document things? This insight was shocking - actually no one but we do it anyway.

So we have set out to eliminate everything that can be replaced by trust. 
First on the list: the employment contracts with our consultants. And the feeling was - wow! To free ourselves from clauses, to break away from regulations, to let go of things that we could presumably cling on to. And the realization that there is a simple answer to all the "what if ..." questions: "Then we'll talk about it and look for the best solution." At Movendo, there are no more employment contracts, just a trust agreement.

Everything that could be settled through contracts, we solve in conversation. 
You need a new company car? Let's see together how many times you drive, what size you need, what we can afford, what car others in your role drive. And then we decide together which vehicle makes sense. Or maybe you prefer to take a BahnCard100? You want to do some professional training? What are your challenges right now? Where do you want to go? How much have we spent on your development recently? How will your training help Movendo? Or maybe you could also learn from a colleague?

We talk more, we share more of our perspectives, we understand more about what is important for each individual and where Movendo is right now. We look at the sense, at the added value and not at the rule. And we feel so good about it!



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