Flora Luginsland

#favouritemodel No. 5 - Design thinking uses iterative, rapid feedback to produce human centric solutions

Design Thinking is considered an agile methodology yet also a mindset which follows a human-centered school of thought.

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Katrin Aust

#favouritemodel No. 3 - Don't assume

"Making assumptions" is one of the major stumbling blocks in communication and therefore also in the leader's relationship with their staff and…

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Franziska Müller

#favouritemodel No 2 - Differentiation between principles and rules

"The conscious differentiation of rules and principles is especially helpful in personal cooperation and supports the building of trust." One of my…

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Marc Chmielewski

#favouritemodel No. 1 - "Leadership means creating a framework in which others can perform"

This fundamental understanding of leadership not only clarifies my systemic perspective when working with leaders, but also proves to be a very…

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