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Uncomplicated and location-independent access to training content, monitoring coaching content, deriving and fixing goals, building networks in learning groups, rapid communication and feedback with the help for self-help - With myMovendo, Movendo presents a new communication platform that makes it easy for training participants to control their development process individually and purposefully. Find out more here with our Guided Tour.

Movendo accompanies you, so not only circumstances accompany you.

Development and training concepts with Movendo are always based on the knowledge that development processes are not linear, but rather wave-like, depending on the framework conditions and other (individual) obstacles. This is why it is so important to us to support our participants when such challenges arise: in everyday life. This precise support enables our training participants to deal with the everyday obstacles in their personal development and to actually achieve their goals.

With myMovendo, we now have a media tool with which our customers can implement this objective even better and in an uncomplicated manner in their everyday lives. This Internet-based tool is available to participants in Movendo development programs exclusively and at any time on SmartPhone, Tablet or PC.

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