Whether working on the leadership culture, making adjustments to the organizational structure, improving and promoting teamwork, shaping the organizational culture or re-skilling and up-skilling employees: We at Movendo support you in successfully implementing the desired changes and anchoring them in the long term. Our strength lies in actively involving stakeholders and those affected in the work and stimulating their collaboration.

With us you can rely on this:

We develop goals, messages, processes and measures together with our clients. We combine the organization's internal knowledge with our experience to create successful approaches and tools. This creates exactly the right individual mix for the people in the company.

We don't just look at isolated parts of a problem or an organization, but rather look at the overall system. We want to understand connections and use this to offer targeted interventions and perspectives.

With constructive, accessible nudges, we encourage you to look at existing and tried-and-tested things from new perspectives and to critically question whether your own behaviour leads to the desired goal.

There are no technical limits when you work with us. We always find the right mix and enable you to design the desired plans and projects regardless of time and location.

The Movendo community is linguistically and culturally at home in many regions - from Europe to Latin America to the Asian region, we span a network of intercultural consulting experience with which we roll out multinational development programs and advise internationally operating organizations.

For us, psychological safety is an indispensable prerequisite for holistic performance development. That's why we always follow the motto in our collaboration and training: Trust before task.