The use of the Virtual House of Change in workshops, training and coaching enables a much deeper examination of the emotions that arise in the context of change processes. In the 360° VR application, managers and employees alike can prepare for the demands on themselves and others, reflect on this experience and, above all, make their emotions something than can be talked about. From our experience, these are prime conditions for being effective in change processes.

To use the virtual House of Change, the application is loaded onto VR glasses. There are no further technical requirements. With the intuitive control you can move independently through our four rooms of change and experience the facets of emotions in the individual rooms.

The VR glasses create an immersive experience with a direct learning experience. It is easy to use and makes the learning process different for all training or workshop participants and therefore more personal, intensive and holistic.

The helicopter perspective gives you the opportunity to reflect on the emotions you have experienced and to develop further tips for your leadership activities.

Contact person:

Marc Chmielewski

Key features of the Virtual House of Change

  • Immersive experience: Turn the learning experience into an event with virtual reality
  • Awarded the Immersive Learning Award 2020
  • Freely selectable modules
  • Complete application or simply select and experience individual rooms
  • Didactically developed learning world concept.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • Stand-alone solution. Can be used decentrally via a device of your choice

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