We support companies in the area of individual and organizational leadership and transformation. In addition to running customized training programs for leaders and working on leadership culture, we offer training and seminars on team development as well as holistic change consulting. Individual leadership coaching and coaching to develop change competence are integral components of our programs.

Our leadership training is essentially about reflecting on your own personal attitude and understanding of leadership and learning new approaches. This always has an impact on the leadership culture of a company, without any question.
In our work on leadership culture, we focus on these topics much more explicitly and across all hierarchical levels and shed light on their organizational impact. We often start with fundamental questions: What should our leadership culture actually be like? What behaviour already contributes to this?

What behaviours get in the way of this? The right topics and interventions can be derived from the answers to these questions.

We believe that learning does not happen by listening. That's why we always rely on a holistic approach, which consists of experiencing the topics, creating space for reflection and deepening and then transferring them into your own day-to-day life.

Through regular exchange & feedback, supervision and shadowing with one another.

Our Movendo community includes 63 members.

Of course! Part of our community lives abroad. There is also our subsidiary company, Movendo LATAM. See here.

The easiest way is to write your requestin the contact form, which you can find in the footer under 'Contact'. We will get straight back to you. Would you like to arrange an exchange directly with our experts? Then use the contact links on the pages about our services.

Working with clients

We work with companies of all sizes and industries. From start-ups to large corporations. From retail to pharmaceuticals to the financial sector. In our view, the work on improving how people work together is independent of industry or size.

Leadership attitude & understanding, delegation, motivation, balance of leadership levels, feedback, growth mindset, co-creation in the team, managing agile project processes, psychological safety, appreciation and diversity, questioning techniques & active listening, principles & rules, emotions in change processes, work on corporate culture, shared leadership culture, communication & conflict resolution, team-building, building trust in the team, stakeholder management, self-management.

All formats that aim to improve cooperation in a working context. To name just a few examples: workshop facilitation, large-group formats, team workshops, executive coaching, group coaching, conflict mediation, participant management, train-the-trainer certifications.

The Movendo consultant community is linguistically and culturally at home in many regions - from Europe to Latin America to the Asian region.

Perhaps you already know our affiliate Movendo LATAM.

Currently in six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Mandarin.

For us, working on projects always takes place co-creatively in partnership with our clients. This means that we always see our clients as the experts in their organization and their perspective is therefore crucial. We are the experts where the process is concerned. In this way, we work together in close coordination and in iterative loops to design the best measures for your long-term sustainable success.

By all means! Even before the global pandemic, we at Movendo worked in a purely virtual format and therefore we know our way around very well. We see few limits to virtual working and are real fans of hybrid formats, combining virtual and face-to-face programs.

We offer different packages depending on your needs. From communication with participants to hotel bookings and organization of the training location, as well as collecting and providing feedback: everything is possible.

No, not currently. But there is hardly a region in Germany that we haven't been to and that's why we have access to a real wealth of excellent seminar locations.

We currently do not offer any open-enrolment seminars. Who knows what's to come, it's worth staying tuned.

Sure! If your topics are business/leadership related, please get in touch.


Yes! We have several certified mediators.

This tool offers your employees an easy way to book individual coaching sessions with one or more of our coaches. You set the quota of coaching sessions in advance and then you can get started right away.

This is our 360-degree simulation of the ‘House of Change’ in VR technology. It helps you to reflect on your own feelings during change and also helps to gauge emotions within the team.