We support successful organizational change and transformation processes. Our approach is always holistic and systemic. We take into account the overall context and the most important thing of all: the people in the organization. Complex change processes involve a number of uncertainties. With agile process control we find the balance between necessary planning and appropriate flexibility. Co-creation and co-working in mixed project teams is an integral part of our way of working in the Movendo style. In this way, we ensure that we can respond to new challenges as they arise - especially with regard to the human side of change.

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Culture develops along the collective behavioural patterns that prevail within an organization. We support you in highlighting and reflecting on patterns of action and, where necessary, adapting them to your goals.

During change and transformation, managers and their teams go through a transition between the current and future states. This iterative process between saying goodbye, exploring and reaching the desired goal is characterized by positive and negative emotions. We support and enable managers to go through this exciting journey with their teams and to navigate it individually.

In order to change patterns of action in an organization, new narratives, a new language and changed interactions are required. Based on a shared reflection about the desired leadership culture and cooperation in the leadership team, we develop stories that draw attention to the change in the organization. We develop examples that make the desired behaviour and change visible and tangible. We help decision-makers to act as drivers and ambassadors and create spaces for experience and experimentation.

Change is experienced differently by each individual. Our 360° VR simulation of the Virtual House of Change (VHOC) helps you reflect on your own feelings and helps you assess the emotions in the team.

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