“The winner is: The virtual House of Change”

Change is experienced differently by everyone. This is especially true for the experience of change in organisations. What the individual feels and how strong these feelings are depends on many factors.

At Movendo, we often use the House of Change model in the context of change processes, when managers and employees deal with the resulting emotions in workshops, trainings and coaching sessions.

The innovative 360° VR implementation of the House of Change immerses the user in the middle of the action. The simulation intensifies the individual reflection of one's own feelings, makes emotions expressible and at the same time supports the ability to assess the emotions within the team. This immersive experience prepares users equally for the demands on themselves and others.

The application can be used on any platform and system. Through the intuitive control, everyone can move independently through the house of change and experience the diverse emotional facets in the different rooms. In addition, the special helicopter perspective opens up the opportunity to reflect on the emotions one experiences and to work out further indications for one's own leadership actions.

The product was developed in cooperation with TwinC GmbH. We thus combine content and technical expertise for a holistic learning experience. Since 2014, TwinC has been developing digital training and innovative formats of learning with the help of the medium VR or 360° real images in order to efficiently convey the learning content and has been focused on the design of soft skills training for a long time.

Now the Immersive Learning Insitute has awarded us with this year's Market Standard Product Award.

We are very proud of this! And it is a wonderful confirmation that we are on a sustainable development path in the corporate learning environment.

Jury statement:

The jury particularly appreciated the implementation of a soft skill topic with 360° VR technology, with the aim of placing this as a standard product on the market. The cooperation between two experts was seen as very effective. Both the didactic and the methodological approach, coupled with the possibilities of 360° VR, were convincing. Experiencing change processes, changing perspectives and immersion enable a holistic learning process. Situations that can be experienced virtually are available and can be specifically discussed together with the coach in a reflection process. The emotions transported play a significant role in increasing learning efficiency. The exercises are structured in small learning units and thus also allow selective learning. The virtual standard product is embedded in a holistic concept and thus ensures maximum learning success.