Changes in the company are challenging. We say goodbye to what was, explore new possibilities and set off for new beginnings. In a professional context, such moments often demand twice as much. Regardless of whether you are a technical team leader, a project leader or a traditional leader - everyone is personally affected and at the same time challenged in their change skills as a leader. The entire team, employees and colleagues should be able to navigate through such phases well and each individual should experience security and guidance. This is a balancing act that can trigger tension. Movendo supports personal change issues and enables people to go through changes well with their teams and to navigate effectively through phases of upheaval as a leader.

Develop new perspectives

As a leader, you are responsible for implementing an organizational change in the team or an entire area of the organization. This poses a personal challenge in many areas: How do we deal with the old? How do we communicate the new? How is the new demonstrated? How do you deal with resistance – including your own? Reflecting on and addressing such tensions is the content of our coaching for change leadership (change competence) in change processes. We offer a safe space for personal change, examine the situation and work together to develop perspectives and scope for action for the challenges. And if a sparring partner is needed to determine your position in a specific role, we are happy to provide professional support.

All of our coaches are well trained, have years of experience in coaching in various contexts and undergo regular supervision at Movendo.


Individual coaching in a package.

Do you want to book a fixed package of change leadership coaching sessions for a defined target group in the company and enable the choice of coach and appointment-making to be made individually? With “The Coach is In” arranging coaching sessions couldn’t be easier.

Immerse yourself in the situation

Change is experienced differently by every person. Our 360 degree VR simulation of the Virtual House of Change (VHOC) model helps you reflect on your own feelings and helps you assess the emotions in the team.

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