In our work with people and organizations, we experience how uplifting and sustainable the experience of self-effectiveness is for development and change. The success that ensues impresses us time and again and makes us proud.
At the same time, it is a sad reality that in many regions of our world, self-determination and personal development opportunities are hardly possible because of the general conditions there. Large parts of the population in East Africa are denied basic development opportunities because they have no access to clean water, even though this is a human right. This state of affairs is unimaginable for us and it primarily affects women and children, who often spend hours organizing the quantities of water they need. Education, training and gainful employment fall victim to such daily tasks. As change agents, we find it difficult to simply accept this situation.
We want things to move - even if they are not happening on our doorstep. That's why we as a company are taking responsibility. Where the most basic necessities of life - clean water, sanitation and hygiene - are lacking, fundamental support is needed for change. 

For us, assuming responsibility as a company
means acting as a global citizen and making an active and
sustainable contribution that also genuinely increases
equal opportunities for others.

A well for 10 years of Movendo

On our 10-year company anniversary, we took the initiative in this direction and, in conjunction with the well:fair (Neven-Subotic-Foundation), initiated a fundraising campaign for the construction of a water-tapping point. With success! Thanks to the support of employees, customers and project partners, the donation target of €11,500 for the first Movendo well was achieved by the end of 2022.

From now on: step by step to the finished well

The fact that this donation is available is an initial stage on the long journey to the first Movendo well. After the project has been assigned by the foundation and a local partner organization has assumed responsibility for managing the process, preparatory steps will follow, such as involving the affected community and carrying out geological surveys. On this basis, the localization of the water extraction point will starts and then the actual drilling. It can take up to 18 months until the drilling is successful and the desired water tapping-point is available for the people in Tanzania. 

well:fair (Neven Subotic Foundation) and Movendo

Long-standing cooperation and the personal relationship with the well:fair (Neven-Subotic-Foundation) have convince us of the quality of the foundation's work, as do the robust and transparent processes. That is why our initiative with the foundation will not remain a one-off campaign. In addition, the success of our first fundraising campaign has encouraged us and it feels right and meaningful for us to bundle our activities here in order to make a socially relevant contribution for effective change as global citizens. 


Senior Partnership

Starting in 2023, we will launch a senior partnership with the well:fair (Neven Subotic Foundation) in which we commit to an annual donation of 1% of our sales volume. Part of this donation will also be deliberately invested in the organization's administrative costs, thus sustainably securing the foundation's valuable work.


Pro Bono Projects

Since 2020, Movendo has also been involved in a substantive collaboration with the foundation. With pro bono projects, we support and accompany the Foundation's team in its organizational development and transformation.

Become a donor for a second Movendo fountain

By joining forces, we can give even more people a better future. Your donation helps people who lack the most basic things: water, sanitation and hygiene. As a donor, you will of course also receive a donation receipt from the well:fair (Neven Subotic Foundation).

Become a donor!

Project trip to Tanzania in 2023