For us as a well:fair foundation, the collaboration with Movendo is characterized by a perfect balance between an empathetic, respectful and warm interaction with one another and constant professionalism and expertise in actions and work. Every meeting is clear and goal-focused, the support and advice (for example on HR issues) is insightful and identifies the challenges with a solution-focused approach. It is a great pleasure to partner with Movendo.

Shari Malzahn
Management Board Fundraising und Personal
well:fair foundation (Neven-Subotic-Stiftung)

Movendo accompanies us in our change process in various areas. As a customer, we appreciate the high level of flexibility and enthusiasm of the consultants - but above all the determination with which they continually confront us with our areas of development and subsequently help us to develop ourselves further.

Thomas Ganz
Branch Director Rheinland
Autobahn GmbH des Bundes

In addition to the development and support of managers, supporting organizations in transformation processes is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Movendo anchors holistic systems thinking in organizations through targeted advisory intervention and competent change design. The broad consulting expertise facilitates collaboration, accelerates the development of a culture of responsibility and strengthens the ability of teams and organizations to navigate change processes. Movendo is methodologically broad-based - but always binding and concise in substance.

Dr. Ralf Wischnat
Production Manager
Bayer AG Wuppertal


As a strategic partner, the Movendo team supported us in our cultural transformation with creative ideas and practical approaches. Through the systemic consulting approach and tailor-made training concepts, we were able to sustainably strengthen our leadership skills, collaboration and our agility to change.

Niko von Pyschow
Manager People@E&T
Bayer AG – Engineering & Technology

For me, Movendo stands for individual support tailored to our needs, which has taken on an almost friendly character over the years of collaboration and “nevertheless” remains very professional. The people involved contribute to this because they are always friendly, “but” critical and, above all, constructive. The creative moments in the workshops always positively surprise me.

Jens-Ove Drechsler
Division Manager

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