Leadership culture develops along all recurring patterns of leadership behaviour that can be experienced in your team or in your organization. It is influenced by the interaction of clear expectations (TALK), integrity and reliable role models (WALK) and conscious repetition in different situations (REPEAT). Accordingly, good leadership must focus on setting an appropriate framework through WALK - TALK - REPEAT in which people can be successful.

Workshops and workshop series to develop good leadership.

Should leadership activities be explicitly reflected on in a leadership team? We constructively question the current leadership culture: How are decisions made? How do we communicate with each other and within the team? How are things implemented? Workshops or workshop series on leadership culture that are thematically tailored to jointly defined goals are less about learning new tools and techniques and more about transparency and “pulling together.” In this way, a common image is developed of which leadership actions should be made tangible in the team. Of course, this can also take place in combination with many leadership teams, for example in organizations with many new leaders.

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