In order for collaboration to work well and for all team members to contribute their skills, competencies and ideas to the implementation of their tasks, the actors need a clearly defined framework. The guidelines for this are the goals, roles, interactions and processes in your team. We support you as a manager and your teams in defining the GRIP (Goals - Roles - Interactions - Processes) * that is right for you and create the clarity that makes self-organized and responsible action possible in an action-oriented framework that actively involves everyone.

* The GRIP model highlights the four core elements of collaboration: goals – roles – interactions – processes

Integrating new employees into the team? Adapting the modalities of cooperation to current circumstances? Implementing new tools and procedures? Developing a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities? Reinforcing trust in the team? As diverse as the challenges can be for a team, the topics that we put on the agenda in team development and develop together with you are just as diverse. From individual workshops to modular programs - one thing is always in focus: the need to want to improve as a team.

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