In our leadership coaching we follow a fundamentally systemic understanding of leadership: “Leadership means creating a framework in which others can perform successfully.” Bringing this perspective to life requires leadership skills such as the ability to reflect, self-awareness and self-leadership. We support managers in the development of fundamentally necessary leadership skills, in reflecting on their self-image as a leader and on their current or future role. Coaching is a central tool in our work.

Growing as a leader.

What can you do to develop your leadership skills? What is the best way to prepare for a new leadership role? What leadership strengths are needed as a specialist or expert with lateral leadership responsibility?

Whether you are a seasoned manager or a newbie – with our leadership coaching we accompany and support you with individual development goals and special challenges. We help with the introduction of new patterns and routines, with concrete changes in the team and work on individual solutions. Even if you are looking for a sparring partner to position yourself as a manager, our team can offer support.

All of our coaches are well trained, have years of experience in coaching in various contexts and undergo regular supervision at Movendo.

Individual coaching in a package

Do you want to book a fixed package of change leadership coaching sessions for a defined target group in the company and enable the choice of coach and appointment-making to be made individually? With “The Coach is In” arranging coaching sessions couldn’t be easier.

What is your focus?

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