Leadership has to be learned.

Our approach to the topic of leadership is built on a fundamentally systemic understanding: “Leadership means creating a framework in which others can perform successfully.” This approach means detaching the focus of leadership from the individual and their performance and widening the view to take in the working context and the interactions between all parties involved. From this perspective, leadership activity focuses on the dynamics in the team, on shared orientation and on the development of an open and trusting atmosphere and a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities in order to maintain efficiency in teamwork. 

Grow individually as a leader.

We support managers in the development of fundamentally necessary leadership skills, in reflecting on their self-image as a leader and on their current or future role. Coaching is a central tool in our work.

> Leadership coaching

Continuously develop leaders.

For leadership teams and organizations, it is essentially a matter of designing leadership as a function and clarifying the expectations of leadership together. It is important to develop appropriate principles and rules for shared concrete leadership activities and to live them in day-to-day leadership. It is only when these are experienced through continuous leadership activities that a consciously created corporate culture can emerge. Movendo supports teams and organizations in bringing to life the leadership principles developed together and sharpening their profile.

> Leadership training

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Change is a question of attitude.

We support people in teams and organizations to prepare for the challenges of the future in a flexible and agile manner and to develop the skills to face a complex world successfully. From team development to reorganization, from supporting the different growth phases of a start-up to the merger of different corporate cultures - Movendo offers supports wherever people want change that is not only on paper, on an organizational chart or in the glossy brochure, but change that can be  implemented sustainably.

Reflecting on your personal role.

Times of change are challenging. It is important to work with colleagues to guide the team and individual employees well through such phases and, last but not least, to give yourself security and orientation. Movendo supports personal change issues and enables people to go through changes successfully together with their teams and to navigate the phases of upheaval effectively.

Coaching for change competence

Accompanying organizations and teams through change.

The pace of change in markets, technology and the environment is staggering. Companies are challenged to adapt their structural framework as well as to focus on the human and emotional aspects of change. We support companies and their people in mastering organizational changes in a flexible and agile manner and developing key future competencies.

Team development

Change consulting