“I support my clients in the achievement of their objectives with empathy, humour and a passion for the task.”

Personal aspects

After a long day at work you get held up in a traffic jam for hours – how do you react?

At first I get really worked up about it. That lasts about three minutes until I say to myself: “There’s no point – it is as it is!” I then sort out some good music and sing my heart out.

When do you find training inspiring?

When it is tailored to my individual needs, when the content is presented in such a way that I can experience the content and when the methodology is rather unconventional.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

I had a lot of plans when I was a child. First I wanted to be a vet but I abandoned that dream when I saw frogs that had been run over on the road while I was on my way to school. Then I wanted to become a famous actress and I imagined being flown into my small village in my private jet to meet up with my classmates for a reunion. Somehow I then realised that the likelihood of turning from a dishwasher to a Hollywood star was rather small. So I switched to a solid ambition – to become a teacher.

What is the perfect start to the day for you?

A long and ample breakfast with a beautifully decorated table covered in wonderful things. There’s a captivating aroma of coffee in the air and a croissant is sparkling from the bread basket.

Who would you like to be for a day?

As an Austrian and as a long-term KuK fan, I would like to spend one day as Sissi and dance Viennese waltzes at one of the magnificent balls in a gorgeous gown.

What was your most memorable journey?

Travelling around the world in two months with our 5-month old daughter: from Bangkok the journey took us to Melbourne, then on to Sydney, via Fiji to California and back to Germany via New York City. Our holiday style may have changed markedly now we have a child but we got to know far more about the countries and their people than we had done on our previous typical backpacking journeys. It’s incredible what a unique icebreaker it is having a small baby. Well, babies are born all over the world and somehow everyone seems to have the same problems – this creates a bond.

What would be the greatest misfortune for you?

To be like Will Smith in „I am Legend“: having to live alone in a country without any social contact.

What do you value most about your friends?

That I can drop in at any time for a cup of coffee and that it can end up with a bottle of wine and a lively discussion.

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