"Be the change you want to see in the world."

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Personal aspects

Wie sieht dein Schreibtisch normalerweise aus?

Ich bin definitiv kein „Leertischler“. Da ich einen großen Schreibtisch habe, liegen rechts immer auch ein paar Bücher, die ich gerade lese oder unbedingt bald lesen will. Wenn ich viel unterwegs bin, stapelt sich mitunter auch die Post vor meinem Computer. Gut, dass ich auch noch andere, kreativere Arbeitsorte habe, zum Beispiel meinen Stehtisch neben dem Flipchart und der Pinnwand.

What would you like to learn in the blink of an eye?

How to play the guitar. I’ve got the guitar, but I can’t play yet. I can just imagine sitting with others around a campfire playing and we’re singing: ‘Country roads, take me home …’

What is the perfect start to the day for you?

The sun is shining, there’s a smell of coffee and I have enough time for a relaxing breakfast of eggs and bacon. Work does not start before nine. I like working, but not too early in the day!

Where is your favourite place to work?

My favourite place for holding seminars and workshops would be a conference hotel in the countryside where I could be outside with my participants when the weather is good. Work is allowed to be fun.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

To begin with, definitely a policeman. Then a millionaire. And later, at least Federal Chancellor. Well, policeman and Federal Chancellor never happened. Federal Chancellor would be far too stressful for me. I can still imagine being a millionaire. But I already lead a rich life.

With whom would you like to spend a day?

Richard Branson. I find the British entrepreneur and philanthropist fascinating. His books inspire me. I would love to have a conversation with him on his island.

What do you love? Who or what are you a fan of?

I love great football. I find Jürgen Klopp’s work as a football trainer fascinating. His work with my favourite Football team, BVB Dortmund, made me believe in him. He comes from Swabia like me.

Where would you like to live?

My favourite place is definitely San Clemente in South California. San Clemente is exactly between Los Angeles and San Diego. To live there with a view of the Pacific where Supers and dolphins share the high waves at sunset would be a dream. Perhaps it will soon come true too.