"If you change, your effect on the world changes; if your effect changes, the world changes".

Personal aspects

What does your desk normally look like?

For a very long time, my desk was looking like a hell! Everything that you can ask for was on my desk, starting from a little make up mirror, hand cream to little clips, stapler, every kind of stationery. Couple of years ago I started to read some articles about minimalism. Maybe I am not a minimalist but I got rid of half of the stuff in my house, including the ones on my desk! Now, on my desk there is only my computer, sometimes a notebook, and a box for my pens. I also love to have a vase of flowers on my desk as well.

Which talent would you like to own?

I would love to be able to sing!

On a summer-sunny weekend …

…I like to go to a seaside with family and friends. Enjoy the long hot day, swim, have a sunbath and relax.

I have a dream…

…One day every human being will understand and respect each other. And see that despite coming from different cultures or believing in different religions at the core WE as humans have similar problems, similar values, similar pains and similar dreams. And we are stronger if only we are together.

What should someone urgently invent?

A teleportation machine! So that we can make use of time more and stop wasting time in a traffic jam or airports.

Where is your favorite place?

Home. I am not attached to places, for me “home is where my heart is” - meaning where my family is.

What is your most beautiful childhood memory?

I spent most of my summer holidays in our summer house in Bodrum, Turkey. And I still love that place and try to go there every year. Now it is my dream for my son to have the same joyful memories in that house.

Which profession would you like to learn today?

I would very much like to be a neuroscientist. I am very much into neuroscience and try to read and learn about it as each and every day background of human behavior is being proved by neuroscience. But I would be a neuroscientist to be able to make the researches at first hand.