"A Leaders role is to help people be the best they can by creating an empowering, inclusive, culture."

Personal aspects

What makes your holiday exceptionally good?

Sunshine, great company, amazing scenery as well as good food and wine.

What does your desk normally look like?

I’d like to say that it’s neat and tidy and that everything has its place. Unfortunately, I can’t! Everything does have its place but it’s more of a random place rather than a well thought out and logical place. It would be nice if I could wave a magic wand each evening and everything would be automatically filed away in a logical order.

After long working hours you are caught up in a long traffic jam –your reaction?

At one time, I would have become annoyed. Now, I see it as an opportunity to put on my favourite songs, turn up the volume and sing along.

On a summer-sunny weekend I like to do....

Sit in the garden and read a good book whilst listening to the birds singing their songs

I have a dream…

That everyone will take more care to protect the world in which we live so that the human race can continue to enjoy our beautiful planet for centuries to come.

What should someone urgently invent?

A teleporter so that we can travel anywhere, at any time, without leaving a carbon footprint

With which person would you like to spend a day?

I would love to spend the day with Stephen Covey (7 habits of Highly Effective People author) as I think his 7 habits are brilliant habits to live your personal and professional life by. They make so much sense to me. (Confession: I’ve never managed to read the entire book from start to finish!)

Which specialist book has recently inspired you?

Simon Sinek’s "Find Your Why" as it takes his Golden Circle Theory and lets you put in into practice with yourself and your team.