„To be curious, to try things out, to be inspired by topics, experience and the exchange with others - for me this is learning, creativity and change.“

Personal aspects


Less is more.

What did you want to be when you were young?

Forester, gardener, architect, doctor … It’s really pleasing that I find certain parts of these wishes in the job I do today.

Who are your role models?

I don’t have one or more constant role models. Instead, I like to be continually inspired by all different kinds of people. Be amazed by what they do or how they do it. I let myself be inspired by their tales and anecdotes. They could be family members or friends that I have known for a long time colleagues, participants, (famous) people or just brief acquaintances.

What characteristic would you like to possess?

A photographic memory. That would have the advantage of not having to carry around my heavy and bulky SLR camera. I would be able to simply store everything and save having to store and edit masses of photos on the computer.

What urgently needs to be invented?

A tool with which I can name with one click all the songs I want the DJ to play that I just can’t remember the names of.

What would you like to learn in the blink of an eye?

More languages. Danish, Dutch, French …

How to knit ...

How to play the piano ...

...The list goes on! :-)

What place is special to you?

Up on the cliffs of the coastline in Falster (Denmark): walking or sitting looking at the Baltic Sea from Denmark and the beautiful quiet countryside – Look, there is a cep! …

What does your desk look like normally?

Covered in paper, notes, drawings, books, articles, different kinds of pens and and and …. not necessarily what you would expect from someone who deals with ‘virtuality’ in their working life.

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