„To enable and encourage processes of change and learning is my job and my passion."

Personal aspects

What drove you mad when you were a child?

Unfairness - when I myself feel or see others being treated unfairly I still get angry pretty quickly. The funny thing is: when my 5-year-old son doesn’t get his own way he likes to say: “That’s so unfair!”

What does your desk normally look like?

Despite I do have a home office I like to work at the big table in our living room. I bring only the documents I need, spread it over the whole place and tidy up before my kids come home. Nevertheless you can find some children “artwork” in my notes if you take a closer look.

What journey has left the deepest impression on you?

It was a 4-weeks round trip through Chile, including short trips to Argentina and Bolivia. It is amazing how beautiful and diversified this country is. You can find deserts as well as the last still growing glacier in the world.

What did you want to become when you were a child?

In this order: baker – then I found out that you have to get up very early for this. So I preferred bank manager (I cannot retrace the motives for this anymore), the next was ringmaster in a circus – there might be more action in this one.

What would you like to learn in the blink of an eye?

It’s a dream of me to learn to sail. However I couldn’t find the time yet – even if this is the worst excuse you can have.

What film made you really scared?

I remember that I left the theatre quite nervous and frightened when we watched „Scream“. I still don’t like horror movies, but I do like exciting thrillers, still you should not attempt to shock me in the dark after watching it…

Which profession would you like to learn today?

I could imagine being a doctor in a hospital in a place with lots of action, like the emergency room or doing surgery or such. However this is a job where you have a high amount of responsibility and take existential decisions every day, so I would wish for supportive supervision in that case. Also I have to admit that I would not love to learn all of the Latin and technical terms – I clearly lack the motivation for this.

Your feelings during your very first training?

Nervous in a positive way – well quite… very nervous. Yet I still like the tension and tautness before a training, it is a bit like going on stage and for the duration of a training I love standing in the limelight.

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