"As a consultant, trainer and coach it is my concern to accompany people in their development processes".

Personal aspects

What is the perfect start to the day for you?

After a good night’s rest I like to have a nice breakfast with my family on the sunny terrace. A cappuccino, a croissant with home-made jam and soft music in the background. Mmmmm!

What would you like to invent?

I would like to invent a ‘book-content-reminder’ gadget. There are so many exciting great non-fictional books whose content I would like to have stored in a usable form. However, I wouldn’t make the BCR compatible with other literature genres so that the gradual and riveting enjoyment you get from reading a novel doesn’t get lost.

What impresses you about your children?

I admire my children’s ability to live completely and utterly in the moment. At this precise moment there is nothing more important that this particular Lego truck or that drawing of a horse.

If you were a vehicle, what would you be?

I would probably be a modern bike rickshaw or a really well-designed camper van.

What journey has left the deepest impression on you?

After leaving secondary school and to escape the small-mindedness of the Bavarian town I grew up in, I went to Australia to work and travel for a year. I visited many places on the East and West Coast, did various types of work (I even worked as an outdoor trainer) and was able to really enjoy the beautiful outdoors (… oops! I nearly trod on a python!) and get to know many really relaxed, friendly Australians. And all of that without a smart phone or laptop!

What would you learn in the blink of an eye?

I would like to learn a difficult language, to be able to speak Chinese or Arabic. Travelling to China last year made me realise how much more contact and mutual understanding would have been possible if I had been able to speak the language. In Berlin, Arabic would be helpful for the same reasons. And then I could make an impression when ordering a falafel...

What exciting memory do you have from when you were a child?

When I was about 8 years old, my four siblings and I had the brilliant idea to use the renovation of a dormer window to climb up the pitched roof of our three-storey house. To avoid our youngest two-year-old sister telling our mother about our adventure we took her with us. We climbed fearlessly and quickly to the top and took our places on the roof ridge. It takes my breath away to think of that now…

What do you see when you look out the window?

When I look out of the window of my study and coaching room I see a few neighbouring houses, but most of all the sky. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes misty or dotted with clouds. If it’s clear I can even (still) catch a glimpse of planes taking off from Berlin-Tegel airport.