Personal aspects

What makes your holiday exceptionally good?

When it is holidays time, I enjoy having no plans and be surrounded by Beauty. The spectacle of the nature wild or quiet is a real pleasure to me. I love places from where I could see far, far away…

What does your desk normally look like?

Messy, what else?!

Which talent would you like to own?

The talent I would like to own is more like a superpower. It is being able to communicate with every single living system, so master all animal and human languages… and furthermore I am sure if stones could speak they would reveal incredible stories! I would love to listen to them.

If you were writing a biography, what title would it have?

“13.13.800” … this is my patient identification number at “Institut Paoli Calmettes” in Marseille, France. Because there is a life before and after cancer and … as a book tittle it sounds mysterious! Don’t you think?

Which film has had a lasting influence on you?

This is very interesting question because I am very cinephile. Most probably it is worth to share with you my oldest passion for “La Belle et la Bête” by Jean COCTEAU. This film from 1946 accompanies my life in various ways in different stages. This classic movie for sure is about the power of benevolence and unconditional love. But what I particularly take for me is the poetry of the black and white powerful images that long-lived impacted my own metaphoric metal representation. We all possess our own metaphoric landscape which knows a lot about ourselves if we learn to explore it. CLEAN Language, developed by the late David GROVE (1950 – 2008), is one coaching methodology to access it and reveal our inner world to us. Once we start this journey, we could travel inside ourselves even locked in a little place…

Who are you a fan of?

I am not easily fan of somethings of someone. For Joel de ROSNAY, I make an exception. He wrote a lot of fantastic books like “Le Macroscope” (1975) or “Je cherche à comprendre” (2016). He is the father of the French systemics touch! I had the pleasure to meet him 2019. I asked him for an autograph on my very old exemplar of “Le Macroscope”. It was funny cause he asked me “from which antique book dealer” I got this one? This was my own exemplar!  ;-)

Who inspired you professionally?

A lot of people were and are a source of inspiration to me! Hilkka NUOLIOJA is one of them, she was my last boss, Quality Director at Nokia. She is a natural coach. I met her early 2000 and I am proud to be her friend after all these years.

Which further education impressed/shaped/moved you in the long run?

My PhD times shaped me, and this is not an experience I would like to renew since this is a very demanding task to perform while being full-time manager in the industry. However, my systemic further education as organisational change coach at WSFB in Wiesbaden moved me in the long run also. Thank you, I am grateful. I would redo it with pleasure!