„It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!“

Personal aspects

What is you warmest childhood memory?

Being able to play hide and seek with a large number of friends in the neighbourhood across different plots, fences and gardens. Today I’m still pleased that none of our parents prohibited this anarchistic drive – and we were able to let off steam with such freedom.

When did you get the feeling that a training event had been effective?

This was at a five-day sales development event without any program at the start. We improvised everything that the group wanted from A to Z. Those were tiring nights and wonderful days!

What’s the funniest mishap you had at a training event?

At around 10 in the morning the client phoned and pointed out in the friendliest way that 10 participants had been waiting for me for an hour. Dishevelled and unshaven I ran a compact version of the training from 11am onwards in front of a chuckling group...

What was your greatest adventure so far?

In 1991 I toured the world for seven months – with a rucksack but no mobile phone, no internet and no plan for the following day. This was a time when I developed great trust in people and a relaxed view of many problems in our western world.

What do you see when you look out of the window?

In my office: an old apple tree (including a family of squirrels). At home: the "Bierpinsel" in Berlin-Steglitz.

Where would you like to live?

New Zealand – the country with a breath-taking variety of landscape, where as a hitchhiker you never wait longer than ten minutes, people don’t lock their front door and where the friendliest people in the world live! But Germany is okay…

What film made you really scared?

‘Poltergeist’ by Steven Spielberg – for an hour nearly nothing scary happens but all the time you THINK that something is about to happen…

After a long working day you get stuck for hours in a traffic jam – how do you react?

Since audio books and podcasts at some point are no longer entertaining, I prefer to avoid journeys by car if at all possible – and it is almost always possible!