"We are not the product of our circumstances, but of our choices."

Personal aspects

What does your desk normally look like?

Neat in the morning and in the evening, because I'm a pretty well-organised and order-loving person and therefore I like to have everything on my desk clearly arranged and within reach. Depending on the pace of the day, however, it can sometimes look a bit wilder in between.

After a long day at work, you get held up in a traffic jam for hours - how do you react?

Depending on the state of the day, it does annoy me, but then I have two strategies: 1. I change the way I look at the situation and tell myself that it's better than, for example, being the one at the beginning of the traffic jam who is involved in the accident. And 2. I open the roof of my convertible. Then even standing in a traffic jam is nicer.

If you were to write a biography, what would the title be?

Strength lies in motion.

What did you want to become as a child?

I definitely wanted to be on stage. And in fact I have now achieved that, even if in a slightly different way than I imagined as a child.

What do your friends value in you?

My honesty and my willingness to invest in relationships and friendships without expecting the same in return.

What do you consider to be a perfect training?

When it is not perfect and static, but when the participants, embedded in a meaningful framework provided by me, actively shape it together with me and have fun doing it.

Who was the most influential supporter on your professional path?

A senior manager at my employer who always demanded 100% commitment and results from me without mercy, but in return also committed 100% to me. A tough school, but very appreciative and I learned a lot about myself and the job as a leader.

What is your motto when it comes to work?

Choose a job you love and you won't have to work a day in your life (Confucius).