" The only way to continuously grow is to be passionate about learning."

Personal aspects

What do you see when you look out of your window?

When I look out of the window, which I do very often once I am back from work, I first look towards the blue sky, so beautiful, full of clouds, so calm & peaceful. I can keep on staring on the sky for quite some time as it helps me feel good & relaxed. Then I look around the place in the neighborhood, the buildings around me, people in their balconies, birds flying around with chirping sounds and finally I look down in my own building and see people walk & children play.

Which profession would you like to try out ?

I love listening to music, playing musical instruments & singing. It makes me feel good and completely relaxes me. Somewhere along the way, as work became a priority, I stopped playing music and singing. I want to take it up once I retire and become so good at it that I can teach others also how to play and sing.

Which book did you really laugh at /cry your eyes out / fever with?

A book which made me cry, which really brought in a lot of insights, which led to so many changes in my life was “ Who will cry when you die ?” My biggest realization was that life is so fragile, that anything can happen at any time and hence lets work towards leaving a strong impact on all those with whom we come in contact, specially our near and dear ones.

What characteristics do you value most about a man / woman?

Integrity. Dependable. Compassionate. These are very important for me. I must have the faith that this person will not do anything which is wrong. If I delegate some work to someone or I need some support from someone, I know that I can depend on this individual for the same. And this person must be compassionate enough to understand others and help them.

When does training inspire you?

A training program inspires me when it leads to Aha Moments! During the interactions or activities suddenly, I feel why did I not think of this before … this insight is something which can completely change the way I work & interact with colleagues at work. I can immediately relate to it and can realize what can be improved in my approach. I can already visualize the positive outcomes of implementation of the learning.

When did you have the feeling that you had held an effective training?

This was after I delivered a leadership program. I could notice wholehearted participation from all in the activities that were conducted. Not only participation, during the debrief sessions they came up with so many learnings that I had also not thought off ! Also, while I was facilitating, I could sense that they were with me, there was undivided attention to the topic which was being discussed and I had to actually restrict participants from sharing their thoughts …. All wanted to share! This made me feel that this was indeed an effective training.

Your ritual bevor starting the training?

I tend to get up early on the day of the training. No, not to read but to ensure that I have done my exercises and meditation, had a good breakfast and warm shower and have reached the training venue at least an hour before the training. I like to check on training equipment beforehand so that there are no last-minute worries and like to be completely ready to receive my participants to the training. I like to talk to them as they are walking in and in the process of making them comfortable, I  become comfortable too.

Your professional motto?

You learn & in the process, I learn more. For me, every next training on a particular topic should be better than the previous one. And hence, regularly through the training I keep on making a note of what could have been better. And then implement the same in the next training.