"Attentive and active listening creates trust and helps to get to know and understand different points of view".

Personal aspects

Your favourite holiday home?

There are two. Brand in Vorarlberg for skiing and Mallorca in summer.

What dream would you like to fulfil?

A round trip through Alaska. I'm attracted by the nature there.

What does the perfect start to the day look like?

Fresh coffee with a roll and a newspaper and lots of time.

My favourite thing to do on a rainy weekend is...

I love watching sports on TV, from football to Formula 1 to ski jumping in winter, almost everything. It's a great way to relax.

Your warmest childhood memory?

Those were the get-togethers with my cousins, with whom our family often went hiking and, in the summer, swimming, diving and paddling at the lake.

Which profession would you like to try out?

I applied to be a police officer after my A-levels and would like to gain an insight into today's work.

What are you passionate about? Who or what are you a fan of?

I have been a supporter of 1. FC Köln since I was a child.

Who would you like to see again?

My friends in Pittsburgh, USA. I lived and worked there from 1992 to 1996, but I haven't been back in over 20 years.