„I would like to support people to “take the lead” and to succeed both in business and in life.“

Personal aspects

What makes a perfect holiday for you?

People who are important to me. The possibility to enjoy nature together, to dive into foreign cultures and get to know them a bit better. Inspiring discussions and time for personal reflection.

If you were to write your autobiography what would be the title?

Thriving through change

This is an expression of my personal experience that change always offers the possibility of lasting personal growth and the chance to fashion and create something new in spite of any accompanying challenges and even temporary setbacks.

I have a dream…

During my time in Shanghai/China I had the opportunity to be active on the board of a non-profit organisation that campaigned for the professional and personal development of women of all kinds of backgrounds. My dream (and goal) is to further pursue this idea following my return to my homeland and to create a network or platform that encourages people in their personal development and builds connections for them.

Who would you like to spend a day with?

Nelson Mandela or Viktor Frankl, two very inspiring figures for me, who managed to grow beyond themselves in the most difficult circumstances imaginable and make a great contribution to humanity with their work.

What was your biggest adventure?

In the space of a month, daring to switch not only continent but also to change my line of work and take the leap into self-employment (… and to successfully manage it).

What book had a lasting influence on you?

Stephen Covey’s The 7 habits of highly effective people – a classic that has lost none of its relevance in the 21st century and which sets out basic principles for an effective and fulfilling life and career.

What is the best function on your mobile phone/tablet?

All the functions that enable me – from wherever I am in the world - to get into contact with people who matter to me, to maintain friendships, to share precious moments and to be there for each other even over long distances.

What do you appreciate most about your friends?

Openness, curiosity and interest in others and life in general. Honesty, appreciative and constructive feedback along with the ability to change perspective and at the same time provide a mirror for others.