Personal aspects

What else could you have become?

Sports psychologist – the mental side of competitive sport has always fascinated me and the idea of working together with highly talented and successful sports men and women to help them compete better is a job I didn’t even know about when started out.

What place is special for you?

London, where I grew up. I love travelling but I also love spending time in my ‘home town’. It is such a vibrant place and has so much to offer.

Whose talent would you like to borrow for a day?

Miles Davis – the ability to play a musical instrument with such expression is a gift I greatly admire.

Who would you like to have dinner with?

William Shakespeare – fairly obvious choice, I suppose. All my life I have been fascinated by his compassionate exploration of the human condition and insight into human psychology. Then there’s the poetry…..I’d better think of some good questions to ask him!

What newspaper do you read?

The Economist. Clear analysis of current affairs, beautifully written.

What do you think is the most brilliant invention?

The printing press – a huge leap for the advancement of humankind and the spread of knowledge when books no longer needed to be copied by hand.

What journey has left the deepest impression on you?

My first trip to Asia in 1993 to run leadership development workshops in three different countries in cultures I had never experienced at first hand before. [nbsp]Beyond the obvious first contact with sights, sounds, tastes and smells that were completely new for me, being able to work with managers who had a different perspective on topics relating to leadership was a real eye-opener for me and made me reflect on the validity of what I was doing. The cure was for me to write my MBA dissertation on the feasibility of transferring ‘corporate values’ across cultural boundaries and I was grateful for the unique opportunity to conduct some primary research on the topic.

What is your motto as a trainer?

Open as many doors as possible for the learner and step back to see which ones they choose to walk through.

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