Personal aspects

What urgently needs to be invented?

A way to travel back in time. I would love to spend a few days in different eras in different cultures.

What do you see when you look out your window?

Preferably the sea off the South African coast.

Which recent book do you recommend?

"Save the Game" by Gerald Hüther.

Where's your favorite place in your hometown?

With nice people.

Your most precious childhood memory?

Too many to write here. None of them had anything to do with financial prosperity or luxury. They were encounters and experiences with other people.

What important experience is part of becoming an adult for you?

To travel alone.

Which book has particularly fascinated you?

"The Lucifer effect. The power of circumstances and the psychology of evil".  The book shows in a unique way how influenceable we humans are. The Milgram Study or the Ash Experiment are also great.

What do you think is the strongest lever for leaders?

The findings of social psychology, i.e. what factors have an influence on people.