"Change begins with looking at things as they are - and as they possibly could be. Because New means Different". 

Personal aspects

What would you like to learn in a blink of an eye?

Playing difficult sheet music. French or Italian.

What do you see when you look out your window?

Green, blue, white: trees, sky, clouds. And all this in the middle of Berlin.

What's your most beautiful childhood memory?

My grandfather with a sliding cap, sitting in front of his garden house with a newspaper and smoking a cigar.

What do you love? Who or what are you a fan of?

Bach, Bowie, Musil. Young Podolski...

The best feature on my phone?

The "Real World" app (= the switch off)

What would be the worst misfortune for you?

To lose one of my children.

What do you value most about your friends?

When they surprise me with thoughts or questions that help me understand something better (or differently or for the first time)?

The most beautiful training location so far?

The Weberhof on Juist, where my first "philosophical-literary conversation" took place in 1997.