Advent impulses: Anticipation

Can you still remember the feelings you had as a child in the run-up to Christmas? The positive, tingly excitement when you thought about the things on your wish list? Or the excited anticipation of the Christmas vacations?

Perhaps you also know this magical world of anticipation today when you think about the next party or the all-important soccer match in the upcoming weeks. With our third impulse, we would like to speak about this magical feeling that reminds us how much our thoughts have the ability to shape our emotions and direct our view of reality.


Anticipation is the most wonderful joy - as the saying goes. And the effect that anticipation has on our emotions has actually been well researched. We know that the prospect of future, beautiful moments fill us with stronger positive emotions than looking back on past beautiful memories or even than the moment of fulfilment itself. Anticipation can also be detected neurologically, as a mixture of hormones that our brain produces and that fill us with a feeling of lightness and energy.

Anticipation is therefore important for our psyche, as it has a motivating and encouraging effect. Both in everyday life and in difficult situations, imagining a positive future helps us to focus our energy on it. Anticipation therefore drives us on and creates enthusiasm. This is the only way to develop and progress. Thus anticipation is also an important element in professional terms, helping us to remain determined and work towards the envisioned, positive target state and keep at it. Especially when things get stressful, this positive feeling helps us to cope better with hectic, uncertain times.

In fact, we can cultivate the feeling of anticipation or joyful expectation and make use of it. For example, by trying to consciously create small "islands of anticipation" in our lives and thus set in motion a chain of positive thoughts and emotions. The good thing is that we don't need much to do this, because our everyday life also offers many opportunities that we can look forward to if we just focus on them: the first coffee in the morning, consciously planning breaks during the day, 'celebrating' the completion of a project, arranging an evening with friends, a ritual in the evening, daily meditation, etc.

Reflection questions

  • When was the last time you looked forward to something?
  • What are you looking forward to today? Tomorrow? Next month? ...
  • What plans can you make in the short, medium and long term that create a sense of anticipation?

Anticipation board

Make yourself aware of the positive events of your next few months and create your own personal island of anticipation by giving your goals, wishes and plans an appropriate stage. Create a text and image collage on which you creatively compile and visualize the milestones of the upcoming months. Start with the things you wish for or have already planned today and add further highlights over time. It's best to display this board clearly on a pinboard or as a digital board that you can access at any time, e.g. on Pinterest.

Movendo-Playlist - Anticipation

Music that is all about anticipation - of being together, of a reunion, of a place ... can be found in this Movendo playlist on Spotify.

A gift of anticipation

If you would like to gift other people the joy of anticipation, we would like to refer you to our fundraising campaign. Together with Neven Subotic's well:fair Foundation, we are working to ensure that people in East Africa have access to clean water. We already raised money for a first Movendo well in Tanzania in 2022 and are continuing our commitment. As part of his project trip in May 2023, our Managing Director Marc was able to see for himself both the vital necessity and the sustainability of the projects on site. We know that for €50, a person is given sustainable access to clean water and that 100% of every euro donated goes to projects thanks to the foundation's 100% promise, as administrative costs are financed separately.