"As a consultant, trainer and coach it is my concern to accompany people in their development processes".

In my work with clients, I take on very different roles. As a soundboard I encourage my counterpart to consciously hear and develop his own sound, his own potential. As a kaleidoscope, I invite my counterpart to get a new view of their reality through small twisting movements. Like a truffle pig I track down strengths, potentials, ideas and solutions together with my counterpart in the earth of everyday life and as a pilot, together with my counterpart I look at the big picture by looking at interaction, communication and organisation patterns from a bird's eye view.

What is the perfect start to the day for you?
What would you like to invent?
What impresses you about your children?
If you were a vehicle, what would you be?
What journey has left the deepest impression on you?
What would you learn in the blink of an eye?
What exciting memory do you have from when you were a child?
What do you see when you look out the window?