The starting point for development is individual readiness.


We design development processes in which people are stimulated to extend their comfort zone, where people find a framework of trust to reflect on previous behaviour, to try out alternative behaviour, to make mistakes and gather experience and thus to establish new paths. Our development programs deal with leadershipsalesvirtual and intercultural cooperation as well as working methods ranging from classical facilitation skills to design thinking and self-organisation. From the employee to the board we accompany people in their personal development goals. From classical classroom learning to the virtual implementation of interactive learning processes, we offer exciting learning methods that engage, inspire and get people moving.


Whether as part of one of our transformation processes or as an individual initiative, with Movendo, individual development becomes an enduring, sustainable experience. We are convinced that people want to develop. We do not have to pick them up or take them with us, we have to create exactly the framework within which they can go their way. Because it is only from this individual readiness that new ideas can emerge, develops initiative and development energy. Therefore, we create a safe space in which one's own behaviour can be experienced, open reflection and constructive feedback are possible, where additional input can be deepened and learned and then encouraged to be transferred into everyday life.


We create our development programs as processes, as journeys. In doing so, we stimulate - in a systemic sense - using constructive, connected irritations to look at existing and proven things from new perspectives, to change perspective and critically question whether one's own behaviour leads to the desired goal. Along this journey we need different contact points, we have to approach the overall goal iteratively, we have to go through the cycle of ‘experience - reflect - deepen – transfer’ again and again, so that new behaviour can become anchored and become routine. Whether classroom learning, transfer support via app and personal, virtual sessions for learning, reflection, exchange - with the right mix for your organization, we enable sustainable individual development.  

We develop individually.
We don’t have ready packaged programs for you. We have a toolbox and many ideas. We get an idea of ​​where you come from, where you stand and where you want to go. We are interested in your stories, your experience and your growing pains.

We work together.
We develop goals, learning content, methods and processes, media usage, and transfer activities together with you. We blend your knowledge of your business and your existing (HR, leadership) tools with our experience of effective approaches and tools. This creates the right mix for the people in your company.

We create the frame.
As trainers, we see ourselves as responsible for the appropriate framework, for a positive learning atmosphere, with security and confidentiality, through inclusive discussions, through closeness and openness.

We support you in developing your own solutions.
We don’t have "10 Golden Rules" or anything similar that might lead people to believe in ‘recipes’. We have questions, hypotheses and ideas that inspire you as our participants to find your own solutions. Solutions that really fit your reality.

We offer our feedback as an additional perspective.
We stand for clear messages, for realistic goals, for honest feedback. We don’t play buzzword bingo, we call things by name. We gladly offer our perspective as further support.


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