Whilst we often work on topics such as culture, mindset and attitude in our transformation projects, it is also important to equip people with the necessary tools to handle their challenges in a professional way. We do not see ourselves as "evangelists" for a particular method or as methodological gurus. We also do not want to reinvent the wheel or adorn ourselves with buzzwords. We like to open our diversified method case with you and develop from this your own toolbox that will bring your organisation forward. Would you like a bit of classical facilitation? Or maybe a few portions of Design Thinking? Do you as leaders want to expand your repertoire or do you want to train methodology experts? Do you want a quick run-through for two days in order to gain some orientation or would you prefer a deep dive to develop your own methods that will bring your organisation forward effectively and sustainably.

    In the foreground are questions for us such as:

    • What kind of challenges do you have?
    • What methods and tools can you use to meet these challenges?
    • Do you need solutions for complicated or complex tasks?
    • What do you already have and what is successful? 
    • How can we add to this in a meaningful way?

    We frequently complement transformation projects with a variety of methodologies by for example developing small learning nuggets that you can offer in-house, or by using instructional videos to empower leaders to make their team meetings more efficient.

    Find out more about models, methods and attitudes that shape our work in our blog #favouritemodels.

    Finally, a few buzzwords, so you can gain an idea of the pool we draw on:

    Is there anything else you need? Get in touch with us. We are constantly developing our methodological repertoire.