We shape transformation that succeeds because it is deeply human.

We help people in organisations to be flexible, agile and prepared for the challenges of the future, to develop the skills they need in order to face a complex world successfully: from team development to reorganisation, from the accompaniment of the various growth phases of a start-up to the consolidation of mature companies. Movendo accompanies you wherever people do not just want to change things on paper, in the organisation chart or in the image brochure but to implement changes sustainably, profoundly and purposefully. This is how we create the difference in our initiatives and projects that makes a difference.

People want to be part of the transformation. They want to understand and decide for themselves what contribution they make. This requires involvement, involvement and an exciting story, an inspiring vision. Change cannot be just a phrase, buzzword or blah-blah. It needs to be suitable for everyday use and perfectly normal. It has to make sense for people's everyday lives. Transparent, damned honest and credible at every step.

We don‘t want to persuade people, to "take them along" or "pick them up", but they should be able to take a conscious decision in favour of something that makes sense and creates meaning. Change needs the energy of all involved.

Process support, communication and human resource development - holistically thought through.

We initiate transformations and communicate.

We give people a framework and support to be part of the transformation.

Together with our clients we discuss and answer the questions:

  • What structures do people in the organisation need to develop their potential and their own responsibility? 
  • What orientation and information are important? 
  • What do all involved need to be able to identify with the change, to find meaning, to feel enthusiasm and pride? 
  • How can we support and develop them along this path?

Our blog post  "Moving mountains with credibility and an open feedback culture" tells how we succeeded 
in successfully designing a transformation project  in a particularly complex environment.

We listen

We have no ready-made solutions, no patent remedies. We have a toolbox and many ideas. We listen to you. We get an idea of ​​where you come from, where you stand and where you want to go. We are interested in your stories, your experience and your growing pains

We work together

We develop goals, messages, processes and actions together with you. We combine your knowledge of your business with our knowledge of successful approaches and tools. And this creates the right mix for the people in your company

We are transparent and honest

We stand for clear messages, for realistic goals and for honest feedback. We don’t play buzzword bingo, we call things by their name. In this way we create a credible framework for your change process

We develop

We want you to design and develop your own process. We pass on our knowledge and experience to you so that you can continue without us to develop a long-lasting competence to respond to the complexity of your reality.

We learn

We cannot exactly predict how a process will develop, how your staff will respond, what new issues, obstacles, or challenges will crop up along the way. We continuously ask for feedback and continue to develop the process.

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