How do we work really well together? How do we stay motivated and what does the team need to keep the goals in sight?

Questions about the conditions under which positive, motivated, meaningful, goal-oriented and value-added collaboration can succeed have always been among the challenges for managers and their teams. Today, collaboration takes place on digital platforms between the home office and the office world. At first glance, this already seems very effective. At the same time, these collaboration environments lack the direct, human resonance space for building relationships and trust as the basis for good team performance. So how do we deal with this? What are the factors for a good meeting culture and team cohesion? What new facets arise from this for the role of managers? Aspects that move us in our daily work, our customers and equally ourselves.

With our guide, we provide you with a collection of suggestions from our wealth of experience.  With practical tips and implementation aids that support you in meeting the different challenges of the "new world of work" and in finding your very own way of dealing with them.