"It's not performance and results that make us sustainably successful, but trust, meaning and the relationships we have with each other."

Personal aspects

What does your desk normally look like?

Very neat - with all the topics and projects I need a good overview and structure.

After a long working day you are stuck in a traffic jam that will hold you back for hours - how do you react?

First thought: Oh, no, that too. Second thought: "Then we'll make it nice." Telephoning with friends, using the first stop for a snack, coffee or a nap?

What would you like to learn in the blink of an eye?


If it’s raining at the weekend, I most like to…

Do a mixture of clearing my desk, swimming, busying myself, chilling, reading, phoning and drinking lots of tea and coffee. Weekends where it rains the whole time are getting noticeably less frequent…

What urgently needs to be invented?

A time-stretching machine: to trace beautiful things and experiences before life continues again.

What do you see when you look out of your window?

The sky above Düsseldorf.

Where's your favorite spot?

Hm, I believe at a water with a lot of green around and at a pleasant temperature, a light wind maybe, blue sky... and above all: SILENCE!

What did you want to become when you were a child?

At the age of five I wanted to become a dustman (as it was called) because I was fascinated by the lever they used to lift the dustbins into the lorry and it made such a din as the dustbins were made of metal.