“Showing regard for the personality and skills of my clients is of  particular importance to me.”

Personal aspects

What does your desk normally look like?

When I’m sitting down and working, my desk looks chaotic. Depending on what I am doing, such as preparing a workshop, my entire surroundings are affected, with pens, folders, laptops and large sheets of paper all over the place.

What would be the greatest misfortune for you?

Not being able to combine family and job. I feel it is a huge gift to be able to be both consultant and trainer as well mother and partner with the support of all involved. And I wouldn’t want to be without any of these roles.

What urgently needs to be invented?

Following such brilliant inventions as the gramophone and the dishwasher, it’s now time to change the way people move around. It would be so useful, both professionally and privately to be able to get to any place in seconds. I’m looking forward to it!

When did you get the feeling that you had conducted an effective training course?

Sometimes a participant reports back in a training course: “My boss attended this seminar as well and working with him is great fun and very productive”. Also a retrospective feedback from a participant saying: “Yes. I really changed something and it works” is something I interpret as a confirmation that we have provided the right impetus.

What made you angry when you were a child?

When I was a child I never understood how they got the tomatoes into the tins – they’re CLOSED!

A learning gift from your participants?

Letting go. And trust your counterpart’s solution.

What talent would you like to have?

To be able to sing. As early as third grade I heard my music teacher hiss the words “Who’s that growling?”. Since then I have refrained from singing unless the nearest ears are some distance away. But therefore I enjoy listening to others singing all the more.

What makes a great holiday for you?

I like the sun and the sea. Therefore the combination of both is for me the perfect basis for a great holiday - preferably with my family! But for a skiing holiday I’m happy to make an exception.

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