“Showing regard for the personality and skills of my clients is of  particular importance to me.”

As a trainer and consultant, I support my clients closely in their area of responsibility. It is particularly important to me to both encourage and challenge my client’s personal and professional skills. I like working together to achieve a result I pass on the enjoyment I get from my work and make sure there are plenty of opportunities for learning and development by offering a variety of different methods. I am an attentive listener when there are issues that are not clear but will also address topics which might otherwise be quietly overlooked.

What does your desk normally look like?
What would be the greatest misfortune for you?
What urgently needs to be invented?
When did you get the feeling that you had conducted an effective training course?
What made you angry when you were a child?
A learning gift from your participants?
What talent would you like to have?
What makes a great holiday for you?