Coaching is a central instrument in our work, be it as an individually triggered process or as part of our development programs and transformation processes. Be it face to face, by phone or video call or as an asynchronous dialogue - coaching supports the transfer of learning into everyday life, helps with the concrete application of what has been learned and strengthens self-reflection. As part of a leadership development intervention, for example, we help by coaching on specific challenges, help introduce new patterns and routines or provide more in-depth feedback from the training modules. In transformation processes, we accompany the concrete change in the team and discuss possible solutions to roadblocks.
In order to accelerate the start of a coaching process and to be able to support you quickly if necessary, we have developed "The Coach is in“.


All you have to do is agree with us on a fixed quota of coaching sessions for a specific target group in your company.

With our web application, individual coaching appointments can be booked directly by the coachee without any bureaucratic or administrative effort. 
You choose the right coaches for your pool, decide who in your company can book sessions and in what quantity. We provide you with a link and/or QR code that will allow any coachee to access your business area directly in our "The Coach is in" web application. Here he chooses "his" coach and depending on the scope and type of your assignment either books an already scheduled timeslot with this coach or receives three appointments within 24 hours. Our coach calls at the agreed time or waits for the coachee in a meeting room on your premises.

All of our coaches are well qualified, have years of coaching experience in different contexts and have regular supervisions at Movendo. Take a look here at some of our coaches.