Our Odyssey is a program for leaders and leadership teams to develop a common approach to the challenges of growing complexity in their work and leadership context.


In three one-day workshops - our Base Camps - you will learn the basics of how to actively shape structure and culture so that you and your team can navigate successfully through the imponderables thrown up by complexity. In the transfer phases between the camps, you practice, experiment and transfer into your context.



Base Camp 1


Basic assumptions
In this camp, we jointly work out the systemic foundations for dealing with complexity. You experience and learn how complexity determines behaviour and what influence you have as a leader. You reflect on when and where you encounter complexity in everyday life and how you can respond to it in the future.



Base Camp 2


Purpose-driven leadership
A change needs a clear, overarching sense. Only then can you provide for consistent implementation. At the same time, it is important to be able to find your own personal sense. Only if both fit together can the necessary energy for a change be generated. How do you find your personal meaning? How do you want to describe the sense of the changes that are necessary in your area of responsibility?



Base Camp 3


Recognizing and changing patterns
Our patterns of interaction determine our success. Are these forward-looking or do they hamper us in confronting complexity? How do you actually recognize a pattern? How do you change it or establish new ones? You work together to work out which patterns of behaviour in your teams have a significant impact and start to consciously shape them.

Between the camps we accompany you with exciting, realistic transfer nudges because transfer is more than a good action plan. It is the awareness that implementing something new is a great challenge, that it requires reflection and exchange to ‘stay on the ball’, to deal with setbacks and to maintain courage. We support you with various transfer activities that can be easily integrated into everyday life and bring things to the point so you do not feel alone on your personal odyssey. This preparatory phase is followed by a wide range of potential deepening topics - our Assimilation Camps - which we select and prioritize with you in briefings.

On an odyssey you can only ever drive on sight and only decide at the next stop what the best next step might be. Therefore, no odyssey is like any other. Each Assimilation Camp ends with the following questions:

  • What did we learn, understand and take away from today’s session?
  • What questions do we have now?
  • What challenges do we have to face next?
  • What do we need for that?

Based on this, we select the topic for the next camp.

Topics for Assimilation Camps


How I personally and how we as a team develop resilience to meet the demands of a complex world

in teams


How we better understand our interests in the team, take them into account and take good decisions



How we can find new paths in our team and think out of the box



How I, as a leader, can reinforce the foundation of trust in my team

Feedback and
performance management


How I, as a leader, communicate clear expectations and give constructive feedback



How I foster my employees’ individual development



How we improve virtual meetings in our team and work together in a spirit of trust



How we adapt better to intercultural differences and make the most of our diversity

Agile methods


A comprehensive toolbox for new ways of working



How I mediate conflict as a leader