We design processes that involve everyone, regardless of where in the world they work.

Movendo brings people together, creates spaces for exchange, learning and cooperation - even in the virtual world. Be it development programs or transformation projects - we orient ourselves in our designs to the corporate reality of our clients. This also includes working in different locations. No company in the world can afford to do without the knowledge and ideas of an employee just because he is not sitting in the office next door or the travel expenses are too high. We are convinced that virtual collaboration can be just as effective as face-to-face collaboration.

To grow together as a team, to work together successfully with trust in each other and to take the one or the other hurdle together is not a question of proximity. Rather, the core of success lies in the question: what do we need as a virtual team in order to be successful, meaning as an "entire" team, including every single team member and the manager? Essentially, it's about giving explicit virtual space to issues such as building and maintaining relationships that take place casually and automatically when working face-to-face - from the virtual coffee break, to getting to know each other, to sharing the principles of collaboration.  

We design and implement virtual collaboration. In doing so, we jointly develop suitable formats, principles and structures.

We accompany the introduction of new methods, techniques and structures using virtual facilitation.

We support leaders in the design of their tasks in the virtual context with training and coaching in virtual leadership.

We facilitate virtual events and team processes.

We design applications for cooperation, such as  MS Office 365 environments, in cooperation with Luise Freese 

We take a close look.

We want to understand the business benefits of virtual collaboration. For us it’s a question of making precisely those interactions virtual that will move our clients forward.

We experiment and design.

Together with our clients, we will try out different ways of organizing virtual collaboration. Because there is not only one solution - the perfect toolbox. We want to inspire people always to try out new things.

We take away fear.

The development of digital technology and thus the possibilities of virtual cooperation is growing rapidly. Many people are unsettled by this and it can lead to fear and hesitation. In our processes, we take these feelings into account, give them space, and help you to approach the new tools and processes bit by bit.

We develop.

Whether leaders or those responsible for the process in our training courses, people who design and manage virtual collaboration need to know what to look for and how, for example, leadership tasks can be carried out virtually.


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